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Get qualified buyers and close more deals using our proprietary buyer attraction & conversion system




Stop Selling Real Estate The Old Way

Our proprietary Buyer Attraction & Conversion System allows you to

  1. generate high-quality leads on demand
  2. set more sales appointments with genuine buyers
  3. sell more off-plan properties with consistency and predictability

Our system leverages Facebook & Instagram platforms giving you instant access to over 2.5 billion people worldwide so you can find ideal buyers for your projects with practically zero competition.

BASE5 buyer attraction and sales execution system

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Who Is It For?

If you want to sell off-plan real estate projects to local and international buyers, we can help.

Our 5-Part Client Attraction & Conversion System BASE5™

1. Analyze Your Project

Uncover the 5 key aspects that make your real estate project highly desirable to potential buyers

2. Find Your Target Markets

Identify your "Blue Ocean" markets full of affluent buyers where you can easily dominate

3. Attract Buyers Globally

Deploy our Buyer EQC Funnel™ that attracts local & international buyers, educates them about your project and makes them reach out to you, all on autopilot

4. Engage & Convert

Use our proven lead engagement & conversion framework to convert leads into sales appointments

5. Close More Deals

Close more deals with consistency and predictability, so you can feel confident about growing your business

What Our Clients Are Saying

What Makes BASE5™ System So Different?

BASE5 is a proven step-by-step process that allows you to generate buyers for your off-plan real estate project globally, on demand, and even while sleeping.  

BASE5 System is unique because it is based on: 

BASE5 System is revolutionary because it provides:

Most of the usual methods of Facebook & Instagram lead generation, such as Facebook Lead Ads, produce low quality leads. 

This happens because prospects’ contact details are captured too early, way before they get a chance to study your real estate project.

Unlike these methods, BASE5 System educates potential buyers about all the benefits of your real estate project and makes them want to contact you instead of you chasing them. 

With BASE5 System you will not have to deal with low quality leads ever again.

Traditional real estate is considered a local business. As a result, all marketing efforts are usually concentrated in a small geographic area surrounding a single property. This leads to extreme competition among agents and significantly limits growth potential.

Because BASE5 System is powered by the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms, your target market can be expanded globally with a press of a button.

This gives you access to practically unlimited number of potential buyers for your real estate project with almost no competition.


BASE5 System follows the best practices of social media marketing and native advertisement. As a result, your lead generation campaigns are perceived by your target audience as valuable educational content. 

This means that you can run the same campaign for months knowing that Facebook will always prioritize your campaign over other advertisers keeping you advertising costs as low as possible. 


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